Our Valuation

Numerous criteria such as the historical significance of the work, the rarity of the work, and its physical condition, have to be assessed before

a true value can be assigned to the piece. Upon a thorough analysis of these numerous criteria, AstaGuru will provide the client with an estimated value of the work.

The valuation process involves
the following :

  • Detailed study of pricing history for the artist since 1987
  • Current value estimation
  • Price comparison with other works of the artist from similar periods
  • Liquidity rating & analysis (if required)
  • Price comparison with works by other contemporary artists
  • Rarity & availability analysis (if required)
  • Research on historical significance of the work
  • Investment rationale (if required)
  • Previous auction price references

What we need for a valuation?

  • A digital image
  • Provenance
  • Complete description (artist's name, date, medium, measurements)
  • Exhibition and publication history

We charge per hour or per artwork. Our fees are not related to the value of the collection. We are happy to provide estimates without obligation before beginning a valuation.

Client confidentiality is of paramount importance to us. We work with insurers, banks, and law firms who greatly value client privacy and rely on us to preserve it.

For further details, please contact:

Siddanth Shetty
Siddanth Shetty
V.P. Business Strategy and Operations