Tushar Joag

Tushar Joag was born in 1966 in Mumbai. He studied at the JJ School of Arts and graduated in 1988. He finished his Masters in 1990 in Sculpture from M.S University, Baroda. He often describes himself as a public intervention artist. He was the person who spearheaded the formation of Public Works Cells (PWC) an organization with the aim of creating ‘works of art that seek to make interventions in the urban space, by designing and producing objects that while being functional and aesthetic brings into focus the various concerns of the immediate situation’. He also co-founded the Open Circle Art initiative which stressed on the idea of collaboration and working towards the greater good. It is safe to say that Tushar Joag always hoped to instigate change in the society through his artworks. The art that he created was meant to interact with the public space around it and his works were replete with a strong social message.  Some of his solo shows include ‘Willing Suspension’ at Gallery Chemould in 2005 and ‘Reconciliation and Truth’ at Chemould Prescott Road in 2008. He was the associate professor and founding faculty of the Department of Art Design and Performing Arts, Shiv Nadar University in 2013 and became the head of that department in 2018. The artist used to live and work in New Delhi before he passed away in 2018 at the age of 52;