Sudarshan Shetty

Born in 1961 in Mangalore, Karnataka, Sudarshan Shetty did his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. He received Fellowship at the Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad. Among his important solo exhibitions are ‘Love’ – Gallery SKE and Bodhi Art, Mumbai (2006); ‘Eight corners of the world’, Gallery SKE, Bangalore ((2005); ‘Statics’ Chemould Gallery, Mumbai ((2004); ‘Consanguinity’ Nature Morte, Bose Pascia Modern at the Habitat Visual Arts Centre, New Delhi (2003); 'For Here or To Go’, Installation at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan (2001); and ‘Paper Moon’ at Pundole Art Gallery and Framji Cawasjee Hall, Mumbai and Ravindra Bhavan, New Delhi (1995). He featured at ‘India 20’, a group show that coincided with the release of the book, India 20 by Anupa Mehta, in 2007. By stimulating nostalgic memories and the people’s playful mind filled with curiosity, Sudarshan Shetty escapes from the phenomenon that homogenizes the world and deftly plots to do away with the existing value system.;