Angeli Sowani

Currently based in London, Angeli Sowani is an artist who has carved out a unique niche for herself and her work as part of the prolific Indian art scenario. Her work commands a loyal following and her paintings are held in private and corporate collections around the world.As art authority Nigel Cameron puts it, “Her painting language is always understated, implying rather than stating. It is this quality of her painting which captures us with its profoundly suggestive qualities – very much in the sense that a fine poem delights with its language while at the same time telling its tale. The quality of the art matches the content of the picture, each echoing the other in that mysterious way in very good painting”.Angeli has put her name to eight solo exhibitions held in Hong Kong’s Rotunda Gallery, Mumbai’s Jehangir Art Gallery, London’s King’s Road Gallery. She has also participated in over 20 group exhibitions, including The 50th Anniversary of Independence show in Hong Kong, The London Art Show, The Harmony Show and The Art for God’s Sake exhibition in New Delhi’s Habitat Centre.Born in New Delhi, Angeli grew up in India and since 1988 has lived and worked in Kathmandu, Bangkok, Hong Kong and now London.She started her art career with a degree in visual communication,graphic design & illustration from NID, Ahmedabad.;

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