Prabhakar Barwe

Prabhakar Barwe was born in Maharashtra in 1936 and received his diploma from the Sir J. J. School of Art in 1959 He held several solo exhibitions including one at Wiscons in U.S. in 1963. Barwe participated in Indian Painters`, Zurich. 1970; Grey Art Gallery, New York, 1975; International Bieimale. Manton, France, 1976; Modern Indian Painting` Hirsh horn useum,Washington, 1983 `Six Indian Painters` Titograd. Ankara, Istanbul, 1985 and International Biennale, Chile in 1989. He was given the `Yomiuri Shim bun` Award, Tokyo in 1969 and the National Award, Lalit Kala Academy in 1976. Barwe died prematurely in 1996. A symbolist abstractionist, Barwe`s paintings had bits and pieces of objects emerging as if of their own accord, from the unconscious. Emphatically pictorial, the conjunction of form and space created inexplicable new associations. In his later works the human form had begin to appear almost as the self`s representative.

Barwe lived and worked in Mumbai.