K. S. Kulkarni

Krishna Shamrao Kulkarni was born in 1916, in Belgaum, Karnataka. He studied at the JJ School of Arts, Bombay. He organised his first solo show in 1945, organised by the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society. He founded the Triveni Kala Sangam where he served as Director of the Art Department until 1968. He travelled to Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Brazil where he came to understand the Mayan and the Inca civilizations. These experiences he had, had a substantial influence on his works. Kulkarni’s works depicted a love for ‘form’, singular and pure, free from literary burdens. He was obsessed with the power of transformation and mutation in cultural contexts around the globe. His style could never remain consistent and was ever changing, in technique or figuration. Although, the prehistoric and medieval era gave him a large amount of inspiration in forming his perspective. In 1962, Kulkarni was elected to the General Council of the Lalit Kala Academy. His work was deeply influenced by music and other forms of art. Kulkarni passed away in 1994.;