Gulammohammad Sheikh

Gulammohammed Sheikh was born in Surendranagar, Gujarat, India in 1937. He has been a teacher of art history and painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S University, Baroda for over thirty years, which was also his very first job. In the 1960’s he travelled to London on a Commonwealth Scholarship where he was greatly influenced by the miniatures at the Victoria and Albert Museum. He was also captured by landscapes by artists like Turner and on his return to India began painting landscapes that reflected his passion for miniatures. Recently he has started working on painted digital collages. His works are a vibrant blend of history, memory and the everyday mundane. He amalgamates identifiable objects and people with references from Sienese painting and Mughal miniatures. He is deeply committed to pluralities occupying the same artistic space. He lives and works in Baroda.;