Sharmi Chowdhury

A painting graduate from Kala Bhavan, Vishva Bharti, Shantiniketan, Sharmi Chowdhury is a postgraduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda. Hailing from Bengal, Baroda provided a rejuvenating scenario for this young artist to realize her potential. Trying to move away from the formal mode of art learning, Sharmi resorted to following her instincts and began creating work in a more natural manner, in search of new means of -expression. Sharmi's work is based on the attitudes and complexities which create and hone various relationships people create and nuture in our society. Sharmi Chowdhury has participated in several shows in New York, Delhi, London, Kolkata, Mumbai, Vadodara and more recently in the Singapore Art Fair 2007. She had a solo exhibitions at the Sarjan Art Gallery, Baroda in 2005 and 'When Images Speak Back', 2008, Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi. She is a recipient of the Nokia Art Award (1998), The Camlin Art Award (2003) and the 2004 Camlin Europe Trip. She also bagged the Kala Bhavan Merit Scholarship in 1998-2003. The artist is presently living and working in Baroda.;

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