Narendra Yadav

Narendra Yadav was born in Ratnagiri, India in 1964. He completed his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Applied Art from the J.J. School of Art, Mumbai in the year 1987. Narendra Yadav’s works are made for the audience to view the obvious in satirical and delightful ways that never fail to surprise or amuse. His object and video based works successfully astride conceptual art salon with his sculptures and installations.

Narendra Yadav’s debut solo exhibition took place in 2006, titled ‘Labour Installations’ it comprised of fascinating/innovative works made of wood and fiberglass. One of the work titled ‘Stress Release Toys for Instant Justice’ depicted a statue toppling from a podium with the help of a simple lever mechanism. Yadav has been inspired by Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, an early 20th century scientist, best known for his experiment on classical conditioning and therefore creates works which are experimental as well as conclusive in nature. The artist lives and works in Mumbai.;

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