Prokash Karmakar

Prokash Karmakar was born in Calcutta in 1933. His father Prahlad Karmakar was a reputed artist and teacher. Prokash grew up in an intellectual and artistic atmosphere, since his house had an atelier that was frequented by students, artists, art collectors, critics and writers amongst other art enthusiasts.

Prokash Karmakar held his first exhibition at the Indian Museum, Calcutta in 1959, following which he became famous almost overnight. The media herald him as the new Messiah of contemporary art. The largest circulating Bengali newspaper even printed an editorial praising him for bringing art out into the open air. The artist was guided by senior artist, Nirode Mazumdar in terms of forms, substances, concepts and techniques of art. In effect he helped Prokash to experiment and discover a significant personal style. Prokash Karmarkar spent most of his life in his home city, he was also a founder member of two most important artists associations – the ‘Society of Contemporary Artists, established in 1961 and ‘Calcutta Painters’, established in 1963. He enabled his art to function as a link for varied relationships, be it physical or platonic, aesthetically mysterious, as well as the kind that elucidates strong obscure feelings.

Prokash Karmarkar won the 1968 Lalit Kala Akademi national award, and his works are part of several collections throughout the world. The artist passed away in the year 2014.;