Adi Davierwala

Adi (Ardeshir) Davierwalla was born in Sanjan, a village in Gujarat in the year 1922. He studied at St Joseph's Boys School in Coonoor, till he was 18 years old. Although he displayed interest in art at an early age, his parents wanted him to pursue a mainstream profession and therefore he trained to become a pharmaceutical chemist.

A self-trained sculptor, he refrained from following the traditional methodology of preparing a plaster cast but rather attacked the medium directly, he dabbled with multiple textures such as wood, steel, marble and stone.

The artist fused various inspirations in his work such as, his scientific background and his many interactions with Dr. Homi Bhabha. Therefore his works display a sense of the primordial cosmos conscience.

Ebrahim Alkazi hosted a retrospective of Adi Davierwalla’s works at Jehangir Art Gallery in 1979. Fondly referred to as Adi, he was one of India's pioneering Modernist sculptors and passed away in 1975 at the age of 53.;

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