P Khemraj


Lot No
Oil on handmade paper
22 x 27.7 in.
Rs. 125,000 - 175,000

Winning Bid

₹ 27,830

(Inclusive 15% margin)

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Signed & Dated: Bottom Right

about artist

Khemraj was born into an artistic family based in Mumbai. He did a course in drawing and painting from JJ School of Art. He left for France from 1962-65 on a government scholarship where he learnt from S.W. Hayter, a pioneer in modern print making. On his return from Paris, Khemraj began to work on establishing an abstract signature style, drawing influences from Krishna Reddy, A.Almelkar, S.B. Palsikar, and also took inspiration from cubist, impressionist and surrealist artists. His art involves working with mixed media or acrylic to merge what can only be described as his love for his own roots along with what does inspire him. Some of his most prominent works include his drawings titled ‘Singing Lines’ or his series like ‘Hatheli’ and ‘Heart.’