Senaka Senanayake


Lot No
Oil on canvas
33.5 x 53.5 in.
Rs. 6,00,000 - 8,00,000

Winning Bid

₹ 8,89,002

(Inclusive 15% margin)

additional information

Signed & Dated : Bottom Left

Provenance : From an important Mumbai based corporate collection.

Artwork Size

Height of the figure - 6ft

about artist

Senaka Senanayake is among Sri Lanka’s most important living artists. Born in 1951, Senaka was a child prodigy who held his first solo exhibition in New York at the age of 10. He continued to paint through teenage and held several shows in Sri Lanka, Europe, USA and Asia. Eventually, he received formal training in Art and Architecture from Yale University and embarked on a career as a full-time artist.

Senaka’s works are mostly inspired by the lush landscape of his home country. His colourful and vibrant canvasses often portray the beauty of Sri Lankan rainforests with brilliantly coloured scenes of lush, overlapping jungle fauna and vegetation. While discussing his work, the artist comments: "I could have shown the negative aspects of destruction, such as people and animals dying, but I try to do happy, positive paintings."

By portraying the fading beauty of his world, the artist hopes to draw attention to the plight of Sri Lankan rainforests, many of which have been subject to intense deforestation in the last few years.

He was represented by a major international gallery during Art New York in 2018. His works which are highly sought after, are displayed at the White House and the United Nation’s conference hall. Several acclaimed magazines and journals have reviewed his exhibitions and written about him, including The New York Sunday Times, Washington Post among others.

Senaka Senanayeka moved back to Sri Lanka and began to delve deep into environmental issues that plagued his homeland. He now lives and works in Colombo.