Exceptional Timepieces


Lot No
Region : France Circa : 1900 Dimension :
Rs. 3,00,000 - 3,50,000

Winning Bid

₹ 3,67,356

(Inclusive 15% margin)

additional information

A fully engraved Brass case in intricate foliate design. Primary dial gilded with Black Roman numerals with a subsidiary dial dedicated to denote various phases of the moon. An upper handle cast in Brass. Verso encased with a glass access door with a push open & lock mechanism. Foliate design in continuity on the verso.

Hour and half hour strike mechanism. Repeater. Phases of the moon displayed.

This lot is over one hundred years old or National Art Treasure, cannot be exported out of India as per Antiques and Art Treasures Act, 1972.

(payment only in Indian Rupees)

Provenance : Property from an elite Parsi collection based in Mumbai.