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Lot No
Engine Type : In-line 4 Cylinder Side Valve
Fuel Type : Petrol
Transmission : 4 Speed Manual
Body Type : 4 Door Saloon with Sunroof
Right Hand Drive
Tenure of Current Owner : 20 years
Rs. 15,00,000 - 17,00,000

Winning Bid

₹ 17,07,750

(Inclusive 15% margin)

additional information

The Standard Fourteen was manufactured by the British Standard Motor Company from the year 1945 to 1948. The company was founded in England in 1903 by Reginald Walter Maudslay. The Standard Fourteen came in either a four door saloon or a two door drophead coupe. The Standard Fourteen had a 100-inch wheelbase with a 1766 cc side valve four cylinder engine. The Standard Fourteen resembled the Standard Twelve models but with a larger-bore engine. Standards were revered because of the major radiator shell change to a waterfall grill.

Provenance : Property of a gentleman based in Mumbai.

This lot cannot be exported out of India (payment only in Indian Rupees).