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Lot No
Engine Type : In-line 4 Cylinder Side Valve
Fuel Type : Petrol
Transmission : 4 Speed Manual
Body Type : 4 Door Sedan
Right Hand Drive
Tenure of Current Owner : 55 years
Rs. 35,00,000 - 40,00,000

Winning Bid

₹ 39,84,750

(Inclusive 15% margin)

additional information

The Mercedes-Benz 170 V was a part of their W 136 line which was in production from the mid-1930s well into the 1950s. The 170 V made its debut in February 1936 during the International Automobile and Motorcycle Exhibition in Berlin and remained the manufacturer’s top selling model for following three year. The V in the 170 V is abbreviation for ‘Vorn’ that translates to ‘front’. This coded suffix was assigned to the car in order to differentiate it from the 170 H and indicate that the engine was at the front. The only difference between the two cars was the engine placement, while the Mercedes 170 V had its engine at the front the 170 H was a rear-engined car. The key focus of the company while designing the 170 V was driving comfort, downsizing and lightweight construction.

Provenance : Property of a gentleman based in Mumbai.

This lot cannot be exported out of India (payment only in Indian Rupees).