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Lot No
By J. A. Atkinson
Publisher : Henry Graves Company, and W.H Allen and Company
Lithographers : Louis and Charles Haghe
Location : London
Year : 1842
Plates : 25/25
Rs. 3,00,000 - 4,00,000

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Plates description given towards the end of the book. Red cloth cover, bound with a red leather spine. The title of the book and the author’s name in gold on the cover. The book showcases views around Afghuanistan like the Bolan Pass, Quetta, Khojak Pass, Kandahar, and Kabul that Atkinson witnessed d uring h is position a s t he Superintending Surgeon to the Army of the Indus during the first Afghan War. Sixteen of the original 25 sketches of these plates are today housed in the British Museum.

This lot is over one hundred years old or National Art Treasure, cannot be exported out of India as per Antiques and Art Treasures Act, 1972.