Ram Kumar


Lot No
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 60 in.
Rs. 50,00,000 - 65,00,000

Winning Bid

₹ 50,60,000

(Inclusive 15% margin)

additional information

Signed & Dated : Verso

Exhibited : ‘Ram Kumar : Visual Poetry’ solo show at India Art Fair, New Delhi, 29th January - 1st February, 2015.

‘Kalasutra : Group Show’ at Sanchit Art, Delhi.

Published : ‘Ram Kumar : Visual Poetry’ by Sanchit Art Publications, 2015, pg. 57.

‘Kalasutra : A Social Perspective of Visual Connectivity’ group show e-catalogue by Sanchit Art, New Delhi, on the cover & pg. 7.

Provenance : Property of a collector, Delhi. Artwork was acquired from Sanchit Art.

Artwork Size

Height of the figure - 6ft

about artist

Ram Kumar, like many of his confreres among the first generation of post-colonial Indian artists - including such figures as F N Souza, M F Husain, Paritosh Sen, Jehangir Sabavala, Krishen Khanna, S H Raza and Akbar Padamsee - combined an internationalist desire with the need to belong emphatically to their homeland. In its internationalist mood, this generation looked to the early 20th-century modernisms of Paris, London and Vienna for inspiration; its need to belong prompted an interest in the construction of a viable ‘Indian’ aesthetic that bore a dynamic relationship to an Indian identity. With Ram Kumar, this quest for an indigenist tenor has not meant a superficial inventory of ‘native’ motifs offered as evidence of a static and essentialist Indian identity. Instead, as I have already suggested, he demonstrates that a painter can enact the innermost dramas of his culture while maintaining the individuality, even idiosyncrasy of his performance. Excerpts from "Parts of a World: Reflections on the Art of Ram Kumar" by Ranjit Hoskote, 2002

Ram Kumar lives and works from Delhi