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                                                                                     PEARL AND RUBY  of  front  the  on attached  groom  the  by weddings  wear  to  known  ruby  single  a  with  5,839

                                                                                     DIAMOND,  usually  is  that  during adorned  were  kings  times  ancient zari turbans as well. This particular lot is a peacock inspired kalgi, set in gold  diamonds  cut  old  with  set  Diamond Weight : 13.5 cts approx (190 pieces)  – 4,00,000 | US$ 5,474 This lot is over one hundred years old or National Art Treasure, cannot be exported out of India as per Antiques and Art Treasures Act, 1972. Provenance : Originally from Bikaner State, currently from an important

                                                                                     A VICTORIAN  PEACOCK KALGI  ornament  an  is  often  most  are  During  is  It  metal. and suspended with a pearl drop.  Gross Weight : 41.090 gms  Pearl Weight : 32 chau (1 piece)  Size : 2.5 in (6.4 cm)  –  (payment only in Indian Rupees)  Mumbai based collection.

                                                                                  Lot No. 1  kalgi  A  Kalgis  entourage.  white  and  Circa : 1910  Rs. 3,75,000
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